• My educational philosophy remains simple: to guide students towards unlocking their potential, foster within them a desire to be active global citizens and equip them with the educational tools to do so. 




    As an Educational Leader I have led the way in professional development facilitations, chaired the Inquiry Strategic Objective Committee and collaborated with other members of the leadership within the school community. As a professional development facilitator I led school-wide workshops on best practice related to inquiry. As Primary Years Program (PYP) Coordinator a significant component of my professional development sessions revolved around educating teachers, administrators, students and parents about the essential elements of the PYP. In an effort to create sustainable change within the educational community at the local level I participated in conducting a series of teacher training sessions for local teachers around pedological best practices. Beyond my school community, I have facilitated several online courses for the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) including "Induction into the PYP Cat. 1," "Inquiry Cat. 3" and "Making the PYP Happen in the Classroom Cat. 1." As Inquiry Strategic Objective Chair my responsibilities were to lead a committee in the creation of the specific results and action steps related to the strategic objective. As an active member of the leadership community I have collaborated closely with the Office of Teaching and Learning, Heads of Departments, Grade Level Leaders and Divisional Principals to research, procure and provide teachers with the resources necessary to implement their curriculum, instruction and assessment.


    As the Primary Years Program Coordinator my primary role was to align the school’s philosophy and growth towards the standards and practices outlined by the IBO. Working with the school’s leadership I ensured quality resources and support for the implementation of the PYP. I worked extensively with teaching teams to collaboratively plan, teach and reflect on their grade level/specialist team’s units of inquiry, which resulted in a fully articulated Program of Inquiry. All of the transdisciplinary units of inquiry are organized under six different themes and have five essential elements: Subject Area Content, Key Concepts, Transdisciplinary Skills, Learner Profile/Attitudes and Action. Beyond the written and taught curriculum, I worked closely with leadership to align the Assessment Policy to the Primary Years Program and building up the range of systems and strategies to ensure the use of data to inform instruction.


    As an instructional coach my role was to support instructional best practice related to inquiry, in a non-evaluative, supportive role. Together with the Office of Teaching and Learning we created The Coaching Model. In my coaching cycles with teachers, we worked together to identify an area of focus. For example, through an observational session in the classroom, I share my descriptive observations. After sharing, the teacher and I go through reflective questions that support the teacher in identifying an area for improvement. Together we establish the next steps towards improvement.

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